The Portal to Doom by Lucy

Once upon a time there was a man named Tim. He was very poor. One day Tim got very sick. His three daughters went out to buy medicine. It was a hot day. An ice cream store was near by. They all bought some ice cream.

When the daughters got to the medicine shop, they didn’t have enough money to buy medicine. Even the cheapest type of medicine cost too much.

They tried to take a short cut home through the woods. The eldest daughter, Ileana, said, “I think we’re lost. I really wish we hadn’t spent all our money on ice cream.”

A green portal opened that no one had ever seen before. A strange figure came out of the portal.

“Yoooooouuuuuu haaaaaaavvvvvvveeee maaaaaaddddddeeeeeee aaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaadddddd choice,” the ghosty figure said. “Nooooooow youuuuuuuu shallllll meeeeeeeet youurrr dooooooooommmmmmm!”

A force from the portal started sucking the sisters inside. “Help! Help!” they all shouted.

Inside the portal, the ghosty figure said, “If you don’t want to die, you have to do a few tasks that might kill you-”

“Wait!” said Ileana. “My sisters and I have something to ask you. How will these tasks help us get our dad back?”

“You interrupt me just for that?”

“Yes! We want to know how to get back to our father. We don’t want him to die. We also need to get the medicine. There are so many things we need to do.”

“There is a gold coin somewhere in every task. You must find it.”

“BUT oh no not another portal!” said the second eldest sister, Sabrina. Right then, another portal appeared.

The sisters figured out that in any portal, their voices could not be heard by anybody. That’s why no one came help to them.

“Your first task is to see if you are trustworthy.”

All of a sudden they were in a place they could recognize but they couldn’t make it out. The youngest sister named Ariana who was also the smartest said, “It’s the town!” It was a bright, happy and jolly place. But when they said hi, no one heard them. It was like they were all being ignored.

The figure said, “You may see people and you may hear them, but they cannot see or hear you.”

They walked into their father’s house. They didn’t know how they got there. There was a little dog at the doorstep. They realized it wasn’t their father’s house. It was a hospital. A tiny one. The dog started barking at them and clawing at them.

“I thought you said nothing could see us.”

“I said people can’t see you.I never said animals can’t. Animals are more sensitive.”

The dog lunged at them, baring sharp teeth. It went right through them and landed on their father. The dogs teeth went into his skin and blood poured from his face.

Tune in tomorrow for chapter 2.



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My mother

My mom can be annoying sometimes.  (She is typing this for me. It’s crazy because I don’t think she likes to hear this stuff about her. She doesn’t seem to mind. She’s giggling though.)

My mom has big ears but is good at typing and is writing a story that just got published. You should buy it. It’s going to make a great grown-up story. I’m not allowed to read it. She is writing a book that has to be published. It’s about fairies. I made up a lot of the names in the story.

I am the best kid blogger in the world that’s seven to ten. I don’t know any other people that blog that are kids.

The end.

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Berenstain Bears Grow Up Chapter 2

The Berenstain Bears wild animals have gotten the nurse and the doctor to help them bite people. Nobody knows this: the vampires are only clones of the real Bears, except they have fangs. The real Berenstain Bears are not wild at all.

The police department are all around, trying to save people from being bitten. They arrest the real Berenstain Bears instead of the clones and the person that made that clones.

Who and why would someone want the Berenstain Bears to disappear?

Check back tomorrow at 11AM for Chapter 3 and 4.

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The Berenstain Bears Grow Up by Lucy

One sunny afternoon, the Berenstain Bears were going to go on a trip to Grizzlyland where the cubs wanted to go for ages. It was Sister’s birthday. She was turning twelve. Brother was turning eighteen. The family were the only ones at Grizzlyland.

Every one hundred years there was a full moon unlike other full moons. This one had a curse. No one knew about it, because no one had lived for one hundred years. On the Bears’ birthdays, one hundred years had passed.

Now, in the night when the full moon was shining, and animal appeared. It was bear, like any other bear: wild. This bear was not Brother or Sister. This bear had been cursed a hundred years ago.

The moon shone right on Brother and Sister Bear and the bear family. The wild bear bit all of them on the neck. They awoke in the hospital, but no longer were soft. They were hardened. They grew fangs. The bit the nurse and the doctor right on the neck. They, too, turned into wild bears.

Will all the living creatures in town turn into wild bears? Check tomorrow for more. DON’T MISS

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Dijo, the dog

Dijo comes to the park across the street from my house (and up the hill) at 7:30AM. Maria, the owner of the dog, said to me, “Be there at ten o’ clock.” She says she’s going to come then, but she doesn’t. She comes earlier, at 7:30AM.

Dijo is very sweet. Sometimes when Maria is trying to pass a ball for me to throw to him, he’s so fast, he snatches it.

I brought him a birthday present when he was turning one, a week ago.

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Cousin night

Every Sunday, all of my cousins come to our house to have dinner.  The order, oldest to youngest is: Lucy, Nora, Alice, William, Camille, Theo, and Rose. Alice and Rose are my sisters. Rose throws up a lot and Alice cries a lot.

On Cousin Night, we usually eat pasta. There’s plain for the kids and I have no idea how many ingredients my dad uses for the grown-ups. About ten.

We usually run around in the backyard and jump on my mom and dad’s bed. But mostly, William is trying to kill me. Sometimes, we dance to Taylor Swift music.

That’s all.

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A 2nd Grade to 3rd Grade Step Up Day

In 2nd Grade we went to visit the 3rd to 8th grade campus. My 3rd  Grade teacher is Ms. Michel. In 2nd we get parties if we get table points.  At the beginning of 2nd Grade my mom bought me a BrainQuest Second Grade.

At Step Up Day, we got to visit all the 3rd Grade classes. The teachers were Mr. Rossin who is retiring, Mr. Hiko, Miss Hong and Ms. Michel. In Mr. Rossin’s class, we paired up with a Third Grader and we asked questions about what Third Grade was like. I asked what the homework was like. She said, “A lot!” In Ms Hong’s class, we wrote ‘pig’ and rolled the dice. Whoever ended up with the biggest number won. I’ll tell you the rest on Saturday.

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